2015  Church Officers & Administrative Committees

The Church Council

Ministry Team leaders and leadership of church groups and organizations

Financial Secretary:                                                     Susan Hill 

Treasurer:                                                                   Beth Booterbaugh

Chairperson of the SPRC:                                           Emily Daly

Chairperson of the Committee on Finance:                   Bob Tinner

Chairperson of the Board of Trustees:                          Joel Miller

Pastor:                                                                        Rev. John G. Smith

Lay Leader:                                                                Gary Ragoobeer 

Lay Member of Conference:                                       Ann Tinner

Secretary:                                                                   To be determined

Council Chairperson:                                                   Don Pitzer

Staff Parish Relations Committee

Dennis Wolfrom (2015), Michelle Bisbing (2015),

Susan Hill (2016), Polly Yerk (2016), George Bishop (2016),

 Emily Daly (2017), Louise Long (2017).

Ex-officio:  Ann Tinner, Lay Member of Conference;

 Gary Ragoobeer, Lay Leader; 

John G. Smith, Pastor; 

Emily Daly, Chairperson.


Board of Trustees

Mary Blay (2015), George Yaneka (2015), 

Joel Miller (2016), Tom Phillips(2016),

Stephen Clark (2016), Bob Tinner (2017),

Gary Ragoobeer (2017), Amy  St. Clair (2017).

President: Joel  Miller; 

Vice President/Secretary:  Stephen Clark


Committee on Finance

Susan Hill, Financial Secretary;

Gary Ragoobeer, Lay Leader;

Emily Daly, Chairperson of the S/PPRC; Chairperson/representative of the Board of Trustees;

Don Pitzer, Church Council Chairperson;

 John G. Smith, Pastor; 

Bob Tinner, Chairperson, Committee on Finance.


Leadership Development

Jan Wolfrom (2015), Barbara Seeman (2015),

Kathy Bishop (2016), Robin Miller (2016),

Ann Tinner (2017)


John G. Smith, Pastor;

Gary Ragoobeer,

Lay Leader; Ann Tinner, Vice-chairperson.