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Rev. Jessica Lynn Ross





Jessica Lynn Ross is a Commissioned Elder in the Eastern PA Conference of the United Methodist Church, who has just been appointed to serve as our pastor here at Pocono Lake UMC in the Northeast District.  She has previously served at Tobyhanna UMC, Mother African Zoar UMC, and Kensington “Old Brick” UMC.  She began her work in 2005, as an intern at Trinity-Baynton United Methodist Church, while attending Seminary.  She earned her MDIV from Palmer Theological Seminary in May of 2006. She has one unit of CPE working as a Chaplain for Jeanes Hospital in NE Philadelphia.  Jessica Lynn Ross is a member of the Board of Church and Society Work Team, serving as the Peace with Justice Coordinator for the EPA Conference.




Pastor Ross was raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., the eldest of seven children and is now Aunt to several nieces and nephews.  She and her Ex husband Mel E. Freeman have reconciled their relationship and are now close friends.  She loves both teaching, learning and sharing the Good News of Christ.  Before receiving her call to ministry, she taught math and physics at the Middle and HS Level.  She has a background of caring for her family and she grew up understanding the difficulties of providing for a family.  She has also provided pastoral care and support to friends, family, and coworkers, during periods of distress, illness, and bereavement.  Her skills include: teaching, pastoral care, tutoring, scheduling, preaching, program development, counseling, and mediation.




She holds several degrees, including a Bachelors Degree from Hunter College of CUNY in New York City, where she majored in Physics and minored in Mathematics.   a Master’s Degree in Science with a Concentration in Physics from Morgan State University, where she maintained a 3.7 GPA, and a  Master of Divinity Degree from Palmer Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA, in 2006, also graduating with a 3.7 GPA.



Pastoral Ministry 


 Accepting the Lord Jesus Christ into her heart on Easter Sunday in 1991, was the most important decision Pastor Ross ever made.  She explains that her commitment to education was kindled anew, and a desire to serve the Lord with gladness and humbleness of heart took root.  Her life's passion since that fateful day has been to grow in holiness daily, serve the Lord faithfully, trust God always, and to adhere to Christ's Commandments to love the Lord with all her heart, strength, soul, and mind and to love her neighbor as herself. 


Since her call to ministry in 2001, she has designed and developed programs for visitation, Bible Study, self-care, spiritual development, college math preparedness, tutoring, mentoring, pastoral care, and volunteer recruitment. 


            Rev. Ross has served as a 1/4 time local pastor of Kensington "Old Brick" United Methodist Church for 5 years, and a FTLP serving 1/2 time and 3/4 time at Mother African Zoar for 3 years, and since being commissioned in 2015 she has served full time at Tobyhanna UMC for 2 years.


Pastor Ross is committed to sharing the transformative power of the Gospel Message thru prophetic and exegetical preaching, visiting the sick and shut in on a regular basis, administering the Holy Sacraments and ordering the life of the church. 




In her spare time she enjoys listening to Gospel Music, staying connected to political news, reading, puzzle solving, and thinking up new ways to make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.















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